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Church of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice

The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice: the history, the photographs, the paintings and the works of art preserved inside it, the map and the information to reach it.

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore VeneziaChurch of San Giorgio Maggiore -  Isola di San Giorgio, Dorsoduro - Venice

The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore is located on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, within the Dorsoduro district.

The church of San Giorgio is one of the most impressive Venetian buildings by Andrea Palladio.

The first stone was laid in 1566, when Palladio in Venice had already designed the façade of San Francesco della Vigna, the Zitelle and the Redeemer, but the completion of the building took place after the architect's death and was completed with the help of Simon Sister.

The façade presents those constant references to classical architecture - central tympanum, Corinthian columns, basement - perfectly mediated with the liturgical function required by the building that changed the lagoon landscape, transforming a place then peripheral into an urban space. The tripartition of the façade corresponds to the three internal naves surmounted by a huge dome at the intersection of the two axes of the Latin cross plan. The wide vaulted ceiling ceiling is supported by composite pillars.

The church preserves the absolute masterpieces of the Venetian pictorial renaissance; first and foremost The Last Supper by Tintoretto (1594), in which the artist brings on the canvas the effect of artificial light that comes to cancel the color. Never as in this painting light becomes the symbol of the artist's vivid spirituality. Always on the main altar The fall of the manna in which the scene in the open air allows Tintoretto to put to good use his great skill as a landscape artist.

How to reach the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore

The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore is located on the island of San Giorgio, on the island of Giudecca, and can be reached by boat. By boat the nearest stop is San Giorgio, line 2. The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore is immediately before the exit from the pier.

Hours: from April to the end of October from 9.00 to 19.00; from November to March from 8.30 to 18.00. The timetable is uninterrupted and the last climb to the bell tower is 20 minutes before closing time. On Sundays the visits are suspended from 10.40am to 12.00am for Holy Mass.
Tickets: free admission to the church. Campanile € 6; reduced for students under 26, over 65, residents and groups over 30 people € 4.
Telephone: +39.041.5227827
Website: Church of San Giorgio Maggiore

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