In Venice

In Venice

Bridges of Venice Italy

The bridges over the Grand Canal of Venice and the historical bridges: the Rialto Bridge, the Scalzi Bridge, the Accademia Bridge and the Constitution Bridge. Also the historical bridges illustrated with photographs and historical cards.

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Rialto Brisge Venice Rialto Bridge

Rialto derives from Rio Alto or, in Latin, Rivus Altus. In fact, its history dates back to pre-Roman times when there were already on the site settlements of stilt houses of the Venetians.
Scalzi Bridge Venice Scalzi Bridge

The Ponte degli Scalzi was built for the first time in the post-Napoleonic era when, following the Restoration, Venice remained under the influence of Vienna until the Unification of Italy (1866).
Accademia Bridge VeniceAccademia Bridge

During the 800s, at the time of maximum expansion and use of elements such as iron, a straight structure was made using this material...
Constitution Bridge VeniceConstitution Bridge

The first of the bridges over the Grand Canal that you come to arrive by car in Venice is the Ponte della Costituzione...

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