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Accademia Bridge in Venice Italy

Accademia Bridge on Grand Canal of Venice Italy: the history, the photographs and the paintings, the map and the information to reach it.

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Accademia Bridge Venice
Accademia Bridge - Grand Canal - Venice

The bridge is crossed every day by tens of thousands of people in both directions representing an obligatory pedestrian crossing. It is also a must for tourists, couples of lovers, painters and photographers as it offers from its staircases one of the most romantic and scenic views of the entire Grand Canal.

The history

In the course of the 800, at the time of maximum expansion and use of elements such as iron, a straight structure was made using this material. With the first decades of the new century and the emergence of new construction technologies, a competition was held for the construction of a new work in front of the Galleries.

The winning project of 1933 (Torres and Briazza) was not then realized: because in any case the necessity of renewing the work remained, a bridge was built that, only in the intentions, had to be temporary. The engineer Miozzi (who is the author and is very active in Venice at that time), realizes a structure that originally appeared in wood but that with the consolidation intervention carried out in the early 80s, he lost his singular value due to the additions in steel placed in the underlying part.

How to get to Accademia Bridge

The Ponte dell'Accademia connects the Dorsoduro district with that of San Marco in front of the famous state museum of the Gallerie dell'Accademia.
The bridge area can be easily reached by vaporetto along the Grand Canal, lines 1 and 2 with the Accademia stop. The bridge is 10 meters from the pier.

Accademia Bridge Venice Italy

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