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Scalzi Bridge in Venice

Scalzi Bridge on Grand Canal of Venice: the history, the photographs and the paintings, the map and the information to reach it.

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Scalzi Bridge Venice Scalzi Bridge - Grand Canal - Venice

The Ponte degli Scalzi joins the two districts of Canaregio and Santa Croce in the area of ??the Santa Lucia Railway Station right in front of the Chiesa degli Scalzi.

The bridge is crossed every day by tens of thousands of people leading to the main artery of Canaregio, Strada Nova, which leads to the Rialto area and the Ghetto Novo. In the opposite direction it was a must to get to the bus terminal until the inauguration of the Constitution Bridge.


The Ponte degli Scalzi was built for the first time in the post-Napoleonic era when, following the Restoration, Venice remained under the influence of Vienna until the Unification of Italy (1866). Later the old Hapsburg bridge, which characterized the first part of the Grand Canal, was undoubtedly felt by the population as a symbol of an era that by now no longer represented the city of Venice and an episode to be closed.

In this period of profound transformation, the work of Eugenio Miozzi is also responsible for the design of this bridge (1931-2), in anticipation of the realization of the "temporary" one at the Academy.

The historical photos bring us back to the old straight iron bridge that would soon be replaced by the single-arched work of Miozzi: it seems all too clear, in this sense, the rereading of the modern Italian designer of the ancient Rialto Bridge. Freed from the two rows of shops above it, it hovers without interruption over the waterway.

How to get to Scalzi Bridge

The Ponte degli Scalzi joins the districts of Canaregio and Santa Croce in the area of ??the Railway Station of Venice, in front of the Chiesa degli Scalzi.
The bridge area can be easily reached by vaporetto along the Grand Canal, lines 1 and 2 with the Stazione stop. The bridge is 50 meters from the pier.

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