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In Venice

Venice water bus vaporetto Line 2: San Marco/San Zaccaria ↔ Giudecca ↔ Piazzale Roma ↔ Rialto ↔ San Marco Giardinetti

The Venice waterbus navigation line 2: the route, the map, the stops, the timetables, the ticket prices for residents and tourists.

Venice water bus vaporetto Line 2
Water bus Line 2 vaporetto Venice - San Marco, San Giorgio, Giudecca Canal, Piazzale Roma, Grand Canal to San Marco (or limited to Rialto)

In Venice the vaporetto Line 2 of the public transport service Actv operates a passenger transport service in the historic center: from Piazza San Marco, it heads to the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, runs along the Giudecca Canal with various stops, goes to Tronchetto and Piazzale Roma and it makes the Grand Canal up to Rialto and then again to San Marco.

Route Line 2 Venice waterbus

From Piazza San Marco, heads to the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, travel along the Giudecca Canal, stopping at all the Giudecca stops, interspersed with Zattere and San Basilio, pass through Sacca Fisola and head to Tronchetto, Piazzale Roma and Railway Station. Then it makes the Grand Canal (only with main stops) up to Rialto and then back to San Marco.

Line 2 Actv VeniceLine 2 San Marco/San Zaccaria ↔ Giudecca ↔ Piazzale Roma ↔ Rialto ↔ San Marco Giardinetti ↔ Giardini ↔ Lido


Rides every 20 minutes from 4.55am to 6.13am. Then every 12 minutes from 6.13am to 8.01pm and every 20 minutes until 11.16pm (last ride from San Marco San Zaccaria). Last ride from Rialto towards Piazzale Roma and San Marco at 11.36pm.
Click here for the ACTV table with times of all stops Line 2

Important: Line 2 presents shorter routes limited to Rialto (from 5.35 to 8.01 and from 16.01 to 23.16)

Places of cultural interest near the Line 2 Venice water bus stops

S. Marco S. Zaccaria: Church of S. Zaccaria, Palazzo Ducale, Ponte dei Sospiri
San Giorgio: Cini Foundation, Stanze del Vetro, Church of San Giorgio
Zitelle: Church of the Spinsters
Redentore: Church of the Redeemer
Palanca: Church of Sant'Eufemia
Zattere: Gesuati Church, Accademia Galleries
San Basilio: Church of San Sebastiano, Church of San Raffaele, Scula Grande dei Carmini
Sacca Fisola: Church of Sant'Eufemia
Tronchetto: Car, Cruise and Ferry Terminals
Piazzale Roma: Church of the Tolentini
Railway: Chiesa degli Scalzi, San Simeone Piccolo
San Marcuola: Church of San Marcuola
Rialto: Rialto Bridge, Rialto Market, Church of San Salvador
San TomÓ: Goldoni House
San Samuele: Palazzo Grassi
Accademia: Academy Gallery, Istituto Veneto, Guggenheim
S. Marco Giardinetti: Gardens, Correr Museum, Piazza San Marco

ACTV ticket prices navigation lines Venice and islands

Rates are available for non-resident visitors and residents in the Municipality of Venice.
Prices for tourists and non-resident visitors

- Single ride € 7.50
- 24 hours € 20
- 48 hours € 30
- 72 hours € 40
- 7 days € 60

Residents in the Municipality of Venice and regular visitors

For residents and those who come to Venice often - even residents outside the municipality - the Venezia Unica card is available, the equivalent of the ancient Carta Venezia, which allows you to load tickets and passes for navigation lines and bus lines onto paper.

Prices for activation of the Venezia Unica

- € 10 for residents of Municipality of Venice
- € 20 for residents of Veneto Region (€ 10 excluding navigation)
- € 50 for residents outside of Veneto Region (€ 10 excluding navigation)

Once the Venezia Unica card is activated, you can choose to load the various options for navigating and taking the buses.

Ticket prices

- single ticket valid for 75 minutes € 1.50
- single ticket valid 100 minutes € 2
- 10 journeys carnet valid 75 minutes € 14
- 10 journeys valid carnet 100 minutes € 19
- carnet 10 ferry trips € 10 (allows you to cross the Grand Canal with line 1 from one landing to the next one immediately or to cover the Certosa-S.Elena sections (lines 41-42); only section S.Zaccaria-S.Servolo line 20; S.Zaccaria-San Giorgio, Zattere-Palanca, San Basilio-Sacca Fisola, Murano Colonna-Cimitero-F.Te Nove

Subscription prices

- ordinary monthly subscription € 37
- € 25 monthly student subscription
- monthly resident subscription for islands € 21
- monthly subscription for students living in the islands € 19
- monthly supplement for Chioggia € 6
- ordinary annual subscription € 370
- annual student subscription € 230
- annual resident island subscription € 170

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