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Religious and Sacred Museums in Venice Italy

The circuit of the Religious Museums of Venice includes the Diocesan Museum, the Marciano Museum in the Basilica of Piazza San Marco, the Jewish Museum in the Ghetto, the Museum of Byzantine Icons.

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Diocesan Museum Venice Diocesan Museum - Pinacoteca Manfrediana, La Salute, Dorsoduro, 1 - Venice

The beautiful Romanesque cloister of Sant'Apollonia which for decades kept the works of the Diocesan Museum remains as a warehouse for the collection. And this enters the beautiful rooms of the Manfrediniana Art Gallery inside the Patriarchal Seminary erected in 1670 by Baldassarre Longhena; right next to the Basilica della Salute.The halls of the museum house furnishings, sacred vestments, sculptures and paintings from the suppression of Venetian churches and convents.

Museo Ebraico Venezia Jewish Museum - Campo del Ghetto Novo, Castello - Venice

The Jewish Museum preserves furnishings, wedding contracts, vestments, silverware that bear witness to the strong presence of the Jewish community in Venice between the seventeenth and the nineteenth centuries. In addition to the museum you can visit 3 of the 5 synagogues located between the New and Old Campo del Ghetto.
Museo delle Icone Bizantine di Venezia Museum of Byzantine Icons - Castello, 3412 - Venice

In a few rooms on the first floor of the Scoletta di San Nicol�, by Baldassare Longhena of the seventeenth century, it is possible to admire the vast production of Greek, Cretan and Venetian icons from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. Many of these icons arrived in Venice in the past centuries.
Museo Marciano  di Venezia Sain Mark's Museum - Basilica, Saint Mark's Square - Venice

In the St Mark's Museum are preserved the original bronze horses once exposed outside the Basilica and the deck of the Pala d'oro realized in the fourteenth century by Paolo Veneziano to cover the Pala d'Oro when it wasn't exposed to the citizens.

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