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Saint Mark's Museum in Venice Italy

Saint Mark's Museum in San Marco, Venice Italy: history, opening hours, contacts, fares of tickets and useful information for the visit.

Saint Mark's Museum Venice Saint Mark's Museum - Basilica, Saint Mark's Square - Venice

The Saint Mark's Museum is located inside the Basilica of San Marco and develops in the spaces of the floor that overlooks the atrium-narthex, articulated in 3 sections: the Mosaics, the Textiles, the Quadriga and the Antico.

In the Saint Mark's Museum are preserved the original bronze horses, once exposed outside the basilica on the terrace, coming from the roof of the Hippodrome of Constantinople in 1204 when the Fourth Crusade turned into a siege of the imperial capital, which was conquered for the first time in its history, with rich spoils of the Crusaders - we are talking about the equivalent of hundreds of millions of euros - of which 3 eighths were for the Venetians.

Inside the museum also the the blanket of the Pala d'oro - a wooden table painted with the stories of San Marco - made in the fourteenth century by Paolo Veneziano to cover the Pala d'Oro that was exposed only during Festivities.

There are also tapestries in wool with stories of the Passion of Jesus, silk and silver tapestries with the stories of San Marco, Persian carpets, illuminated manuscripts with texts of the Marcian liturgies, liturgical vestments and fragments of ancient mosaics detached during the nineteenth century restorations.

The visit offers an evocative beauty passage represented by the terrace that overlooks Piazza San Marco, where the bronze horses are housed since 1982.

How to reach the St Mark's Museum

By vaporetto take line 2 or 1 with a stop in San Marco or San Zaccaria.
The Marciano Museum is located inside the Basilica of San Marco and is easily reachable both from the Piazza and from Riva degli Schiavoni passing by the Palazzo Ducale to enter Piazza.

Hours: every day from 10.00 to 19.00.
Tickets: full € 5 (including access to the cloister). Reduced € 3 for groups of min 15 people and visitors up to 18 years and over 65 years. Free under 6 years.
Website: Museo Marciano

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