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Emilio e Annabianca Vedova Foundation in Venice

The Vedova Foundation in Dorsoduro Venice: history, opening hours, contacts, cost and purchase of tickets, useful information for the visit.

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Vedova Foundation Venice
Vedova Foundation - Magazzini del Sale, Dorsoduro 50 - Venice

The Emilio and Annabianca Vedova Foundation was created by Vedova himself together with his wife Annabianca with the mission of enhancing Vedova's art and her artistic passage in the pictorial culture of the twentieth century through studies, researches, analyzes, exhibitions, paths and teaching spaces, conferences, scholarships, awards. The Foundation also aims to create a Center for the restoration of Modern and Contemporary Art works.

The museum is in the Zattere in a part of what were the Magazzini del Sale della Serenissima. An exhibition space, born from a project by Renzo Piano, Alessandro Traldi and Maurizio Milan, restored and restored to the exhibition of Vedova's works which are able to move freely in the air. The exhibition is in fact dynamic, that is, it provides for the movement of the works periodically a few times a day in order to offer the visitor a "different exposure" at any time of the day.

Since June 2010, the Spazio Vedova has been added as an exhibition venue, also created according to a project by Renzo Piano, a space that also includes non-exhibition events, a former 500-year-old squero that saw many cycles of Vedova's works like the one of the Plurimi Binari, the large canvases of the '80s, the Oltre, the Carnivals, the Disks, the Tondi, the Continuum, the Models for a Space.


Magazzini del Sale are a complex built at the beginning of the fifteenth century and used for salt storage. They consist of 9 adjacent rooms arranged on one floor and of different sizes that form a large and unique complex. Each warehouse has an entrance on the side facing the Giudecca Canal and each entrance has a single window above.


Magazzini del Sale is a complex built at the beginning of the fifteenth century, in an area not far from Punta della Dogana, where merchant ships arriving from the East deposited their goods waiting to carry out various customs operations such as registration and the payment of duties. Instead, it was decided to store the salt, an important production for the economy of the Venetian lagoon at the time of the Serenissima. Magazzini del Sale are already visible in the famous Jacopo de 'Barbari plant from the 1500s.

After a period of neglect, following the fall of the Republic and until the end of the twentieth century, the complex is the object of restoration and redestination; since 2007 the first warehouse is destined for the Vedova Foundation, the second to encourage the development of cultural activities, the third is destined for the Academy of Fine Arts. Even the historic Societ� Canottieri Bucintoro occupies part of the other warehouses.

In 2009, on a project by Renzo Piano, a friend of the artist, and in collaboration with the Emilio and Annabianca Vedova Foundation, one of the Magazzini del Sale is recovered and destined to exhibit the works of the Venetian painter and engraver. The space was the one already used by Vedova in the '70s when the artist strenuously opposed the Municipality's plan to demolish the Salt Warehouses to build swimming pools.

Since 2010, the Foundation has added the Spazio Vedova, a former squero of the '500 that Vedova called his cave and that saw many cycles of works of Vedova born including the famous Plurimi Binari.

How to reach the Vedova Foundation

By vaporetto take line 1 with a stop at Salute.
The Vedova Foundation is located in the Magazzini del Sale along the Zattere. You can get there with a nice walk to the Punta della Dogana and then turn it into the Zattere. The Foundation is located before the first bridge.

Hours: from 11.30 to 18.30; closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Tickets: full � 8; reduced � 6. Reduced students up to 26 years � 4 (over the compulsory school with a valid student card). Family (two adults with underage children) � 16.
Free for children up to 10 years.
Telephone: +39.041.2410833
E-mail: [email protected]
: Fondazione Museo Vedova

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