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Theatre Goldoni in Venice

The Theater Goldoni in San Marco, Venezia: the calendar of the season, the shows, the hours, the cost of the tickets, the seat.

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Theatrre Carlo Goldoni Venezia Theatre Carlo Goldoni - San Marco 4650/b - Venice

The Teatro Carlo Goldoni in Venice is the oldest theater in the city and is an Italian theater with an auditorium hall and four tiers of boxes in the gallery hosting 800 people. The stage is 12 meters wide and 11.20 deep and has an iron trellis.

The Goldoni Theater is home to the Teatro Stabile del Veneto "Carlo Goldoni" which offers a prose season, a Teatro Ragazzi festival, ballets and concerts.

Formerly it was called Teatro Vendramin, Teatro di San Salvador or San Luca. It was inaugurated in 1622 with a comic show directed by Antonio Chioffo.

Season 2018/2019

- 26-28 Ott 2018, Il giardino dei ciliegi

- 8-11 Nov 2018, Il Maestro e Margherita

- 16-17 Nov 2018, Ezra in gabbia. O il caso Ezra Pound

- 23 Nov 2018, La commedia degli Zanni

- 25 Nov 2018, Bonvià! La piccola grande Odissea di Timul

- 29 Nov-2 Dic 2018, Occident Express Haifa è nata per star ferma

- 8-9 Dic 2018, Silvan. La grande magia

- 13-16 Dic 2018, Giro di vite

- 22-23 Dic 2018, Christmas special guests

- 26 Dic 2018, Il lago dei cigni (Fuori abbonamento)

- 31 Dic 2018-1 Gen 2019, Temporary show. Lo spettacolo più breve del mondo

- 6 Gen 2019, Girotondo del Bosco Racconti di piuma, di pelo e di foglia

- 12-13 Gen 2019, Massimo Lopez e Tullio Solenghi show

- 17-20 Gen 2019, La bisbetica domata

- 19 Gen 2019, Family Play® – I Buddenbrook – Laboratorio di Teatro in movimento per bambini e Famiglie

- 23 Gen 2019, Lo schiaccianoci

- 26 Gen 2019, – Le meraviglie del Teatro – Workshop di un giorno sul palcoscenico del teatro

- 31 Gen-3 Feb 2019, Tempo di CHET. La versione di Chet Baker

- 21-24 Feb 2019, Sento la Terra girare

- 07-10 Feb 2019, Piccoli crimini coniugali

- 14 Feb 2019, Concerto di San Valentino Love Songs

- 16 Feb 2019, That Paper boy WAK.NTR Rehab Songs of Childhood

- 17 Feb 2019, L’acciarino magico

- 21-24 Feb 2019, Sento la Terra girare

- 28 Feb-3 Mar 2019, Le baruffe chiozzotte

- 4 Mar 2019, La rosa d’inverno (Fuori abbonamento)

- 9 Mar 2019, Tango mon amour

- 12 Mar 2019, Ermal Meta e Gnu Quartet

- 14-17 Mar 2019, Romeo e Giulietta l’amore è saltimbanco

- 21-24 Mar 2019, Night bar. Il calapranzi, Tess, L’ultimo ad andarsene, Night

- 29 Mar 2019, A fury tale

- 30 Mar 2019, Perfetta

- 31 Mar 2019, Il gatto con gli stivali

- 11-14 Apr 2019, La casa nova

- 16 Apr 2019, – Salti di gioia – Laboratorio di Teatro in movimento per bambini e ragazzi

- 25 Apr 2019, #Free Concerto di San Marco

- 28 Apr 2019, NAVENEVA KIDS La nave dei piccoli (Fuori abbonamento)

History of Goldoni Theatre

The Teatro Carlo Goldoni of Venice was formerly called Teatro Vendramin, Teatro di San Salvador or San Luca. It was inaugurated in 1622 with a comic show directed by Antonio Chioffo.

The ancient Vendramin Theater was restored twice in 1652 and in 1684 due to a fire. The '600 was the century of lyric which was joined in the following century a theatrical programming of prose.

In 1752 Francesco Vendramin managed to hire Carlo Goldoni to write some comedies.

The theater still underwent numerous restorations due to fires or structural failures (1818, 1826, 1833) and in the first half of the nineteenth century changed its name to the Apollo Theater to acquire its current name in 1875 when it was dedicated to the great playwright Carlo goldoni on the initiative of Angelo Moro Lin and Regina De Marchi. At the inauguration was the comedy "One of the last carnival nights".

In 1882 the Goldoni Theater was inherited by the lawyer Antonio Marigonda who in 1909 had the monumental façade designed and built. With its ownership, the theater underwent a period of renewal and expansion of the program, welcoming actors such as the Divina Eleonora Duse (1902, "Francesca da Rimini", 1922, "La donna del mare" and "La porta chiusa").

In 1937 the Goldoni Theater passed hands and was incorporated by the company I.C.S.A. The post-war years were the darkest seeing the closure of the theater and its expropriation (1957). We had to wait for 1979 for its re-opening and inauguration with "La Locandiera" by Carlo Goldoni who brought back to the city of Venice one of its most important historical theaters, after a complete renovation work to improve the capacity and services for the public.

The hall is divided into an audience and four orders of stages-gallery that reach a capacity of 800 seats. The stage is 12 meters wide and 11.20 deep.

The Goldoni Theater hosts the Prose Season promoted by the Teatro Stabile del Veneto "Carlo Goldoni", the review of Teatro Ragazzi, lyrical performances, concerts of various kinds and ballets.


The Carlo Goldoni Theater is located a few hundred meters from the Rialto Bridge, in the San Marco district. To get from Piazzale Roma, Venice's car and bus terminal, simply take the vaporetto (line 1, 82) towards Rialto and get off at the Rialto stop. From here continue towards Campo San Luca. The Theater meets a few meters before.

Information: Tickets +39.041.2402014; call center +39.041.2402011 (from monday to friday from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 17.00).
Phone reservations: from monday to friday from 15.00 to 17.00 by calling +39.041.2402014
Phone: +39.041.2402011; fax +39.041.5205241
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: Teatro Goldoni

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