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Syrian Arab Republic Pavilion 58th Biennale of Art

The Syrian Arab Republic Pavilion of the Venice Biennale: the artists of the pavilion, the works, the times, the periods, the cost of the tickets and the exhibition venue.

Syrian Arab Republic Pavilion Biennale of Art
Syrian Arab Republic Pavilion at Venice Biennale of Art - Isola di San Servolo e Chiesetta della Misericordia, Campo dell'Abbazia, Cannaregio - Venice

Exhibition in progress from 11 May to 24 November 2019

The 58th Biennale of Art will open to the public on 11 May 2019. But starting from a few days before the opening there will be the various openings and side events that always suddenly animate the Venetian artistic life. The title of the 58 edition of the Biennale d'Arte is May You Live In Interesting Times.

79 artists are invited to exhibit at the 58th Venice Biennale of Art, with a prevalence of women. Among them the 2 Italians Ludovica Carbotta and Lara Favaretto. The first will make a site-specific work in Forte Marghera, inside the building known as the Austrian Powder Mill.

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Syrian Arab Republic Pavilion, Syrian Arab at 58th Biennale Arte of Venice

Title of the exhibition at Syrian Arab Republic Pavilion is Syrian Civilization is still alive.

Artists: Abdalah Abouassali, Giacomo Braglia, Ibrahim Al Hamid, Chen Huasha, Saed Salloum, Xie Tian, Saad Yagan, Giuseppe Biasio, Primo Vanadia.
Commissioner: Emad Kashout.
Seats: Isola di San Servolo, Chiesetta della Misericordia, Campo dell'Abbazia, Cannaregio

Press Release of Syrian Arab Republic Pavilion of 58th Venice Biennale of Art

Syria played a crucial role in the foundation of both Christian and Islamic art. Due to its geographical position, Syria was often invaded, and the whole region was subject to unrest. Consequently, the natural development of arts was interrupted, and they almost disappeared until the beginning of the last century. The flourishing of European art had an impact on the earliest stage of Syrian artistic trends, namely realism and documentary impressionism.

Then, in the 1930s and 1940s, thanks to the introduction of art in the educational curriculum, French teachers in schools, and the travels of Syrian artists to Europe, an exceptional interest in the arts arose in Syria. The multiplicity of art trends was apparent in what came next, that is, the pioneering stage of Syrian visual arts, which can be described as the stage of entrepreneurship, or of modernity. These trends illustrate the intellectual formation of the artists from the early phase of Syrian visual arts, and their historical relevance is also highlighted.

Syrian visual arts reflect a vibrant experience. This is also due to the fact that Syria did not officially adopt or encourage a specific trend. Syrian artists tend to research, experiment, and innovate, inspired by the rich, creative heritage of their own civilization as well as of others. The diversity of background of the Syrian artists, and the breadth of their connection with other artistic experiences around the world, through their participation in international art forums, have contributed to the unique art of this region. During half a century, Syrian artists have participated in the Venice Biennale; among them, there are two important exponents of Syrian visual arts, namely Fatih Almoudares, and Louay Kayali.

Since 2007, Syria has been pleased to take part with its own pavilion in this important international event together with international artists who have adopted a variety of approaches. In this edition, special thanks go to the artists of the Syrian motherland: Saad Yagan, whose painting focuses on the presence of humanitarian; Ibrahim Al Hamid, inspired by local traditions; Abdalah Abouassali’s realism, and Saed Salloum’s abstraction, looking at surreal worlds.

With their participation in Syrian Civilization is Still Alive, the invited artists embrace the dialogical dimension of their works beyond national borders. Giuseppe Biasio’s passion for informal style and the great masters of the past - like Caravaggio and Bacon - stands side by side with Giacomo Braglia’s “fresh” and new view of our world with its paradoxes and contradictions, while two Chinese artists, Chen Huasha and Xie Tian, with their “emotional journey” address the adjustment difficulties experienced by foreigners in the countries that host them. Finally, a young photographer from Palermo, Primo Vanadia, with his careful and sensitive spirit for landscapes and light, emphasizes the fascinating visual power of his homeland.

Hours: Gardens from 10.00 to 18.00. Arsenale from 10.00 to 18.00 (from 10.00 to 20.00 on Friday and Saturday until September 30th). Closed on Mondays (except May 13, September 2, November 18).
Tickets: please visit the official website. On the web € 21.50 until 31 March 2019.
Phone: +39.041.5218711; fax +39.041.5218704
Web: Biennale of Venice

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