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Chile Pavilion 58th Biennale of Art

The Chile Pavilion of the Venice Biennale: the artists of the pavilion, the works, the times, the periods, the cost of the tickets and the exhibition venue.

Chile Pavilion Biennale of Art
Chile Pavilion at Venice Biennale of Art - Arsenale - City of Venice

(Photo: Voluspa Jar pa. The Subaltern Portrait Gallery, 2019. Installation View. Altered Views Chilean Pavilion at 58 th Venice Biennale. 22 painting. Oil on canvas)

Exhibition in progress from 11 May to 24 November 2019

The 58th Biennale of Art will open to the public on 11 May 2019. But starting from a few days before the opening there will be the various openings and side events that always suddenly animate the Venetian artistic life. The title of the 58 edition of the Biennale d'Arte is May You Live In Interesting Times.

79 artists are invited to exhibit at the 58th Venice Biennale of Art, with a prevalence of women. Among them the 2 Italians Ludovica Carbotta and Lara Favaretto. The first will make a site-specific work in Forte Marghera, inside the building known as the Austrian Powder Mill.

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Chile Pavilion at 58th Biennale Arte of Venice

by Voluspa Jarpa

Curated by Agustín Pérez Rubio

“The project we have prepared not only investigates the European relationship between the monarchy and the populace and their hegemonic evolution, but also questions the way in which colonies locally adapted as new forms of hegemony, blotting out any other lore, customs and knowledge, which were supplanted or forgotten as a result of the hegemonic colonial heritage."

- Agustín Pérez Rubio (Curator)

Voluspa Jarpa’s work is an invitation to reflect on racism, patriarchy, economic interests and dominance as forms of colonialism. The artist will present "Altered Views", her new research project, curated by Spanish curator Agustín Pérez Rubio. A never before seen piece of work which serves as a junction of several cases in European history between the 17th and 20th centuries, riddled with social expressions, ethnographic research and dominant powers, which intends to invert the exoticism of the colonised subject back to the coloniser.

“Altered Views” develops a narrative which establishes links through the revision of European History and its approach as to non-hegemonic regions. The exhibition path unravels throughout several different fields of research and reviews historic "cases" which invite the public to question hegemonic views in regards to great historic accounts. The project is the result of years of research into the reality of Latin American countries through CIA declassified documents. It is composed of three reversed cultural spaces/models: The Hegemony Museum, the Subaltern Portrait Gallery and the Emancipating Opera.

According to the Minister of Culture, Ms. Consuelo Valdés, "the couple formed by Voluspa Jarpa and Agustín Pérez Rubio creates great expectation as regards the reception by the public at large, artists, curators, gallery owners and the whole world of visual arts gathering at this, the most important contemporary art global meeting.
They are two extremely relevant figures representing Chile, and a work inviting reflection upon the construction of historical accounts, against a world scenario where such reviews are urgent." And she adds that “the choice of Voluspa Jarpa allows the appreciation of the participation of female artists in highly-relevant events such as the Venice Biennale. She also represents a post '90’s generation of artists who have given rise to a valuable imagination on the visual construction of our country.
We think that, at an international level, Voluspa is one of our most influential artists, assisted with the remarkable experience of Agustín Pérez Rubio, an internationally renowned curator. We are certain that this will be a landmark in Chilean participation”.

At present, Voluspa Jarpa is one of the most prominent Chilean artists in international circuits. Her projects are reflections and big installations revolving around memories, which have led her to contemporary art museums and art centres, mainly in Latin America and Europe. She was the first Chilean artist invited to individually show her works at MALBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and also the most relevant international events, including Havana Biennale (1997), Istanbul Biennale (2011), Mercosur Biennale (Porto Alegre, 2011), Sao Paulo Biennale (2014) and even the Shanghai Biennale (2018).

Former Artistic director of MALBA Museum in Buenos Aires (2014-2018), and Chief curator and Director of Museo de Arte de Castilla y León (MUSAC), Spain (2003-2013), currently he is the curator of the next 11th Berlin Biennale (2020).

His institutional and curatorial practice is connected with collaborative projects, gender issues and post-colonial perspectives. He has led major projects by international artists as General Idea, Harun Farocki, Pipilotti Rist, Sophie Calle, Dora García, Pierre Huyghe or Julie Mehretu, among others, including a myriad of Latin-American artists like Mirtha Dermisache, Claudia Andujar, Rosângela Rennó, Carlos Garaicoa, Carla Zaccagnini, Carlos Motta and Voluspa Jarpa. In 2016, he acted as curator of the latter’s exhibition entitled “En nuestra pequeña región de por acá” at MALBA.

In 2018, he won the public competition for the curatorship of the Chilean Pavillion at the Biennale Arte 2019, by the Chilean Ministry of Culture, Art and Heritage.

Hours: Gardens from 10.00 to 18.00. Arsenale from 10.00 to 18.00 (from 10.00 to 20.00 on Friday and Saturday until September 30th). Closed on Mondays (except May 13, September 2, November 18).
Tickets: please visit the official website. On the web € 21.50 until 31 March 2019.
Phone: +39.041.5218711; fax +39.041.5218704
Web: Biennale of Venice

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